We use modern equipment and techniques to quickly install tiles of all sizes and textures without chipping the corners and edges. Flawless installation guaranteed!

Augustineendo is an established name with successful case studies and a happy customer-base enriching its portfolio. The best part of hiring our services is that you can get a quote tailored to your requirements and budget preferences.

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Are you looking at various flooring options for your newly renovated or newly built home? Augustineendo is a specialised tile floor installer that will recommend and install the most suitable tiles according to your taste and budget preference. With extensive experience in tile installation and repairs, Augustineendo is your first point of contact in Auckland.

Every homeowner wants their investment to last long and remain in good shape for years to come. With tiles making a strong foundation for your home, you can stretch every dollar on anything that you build over them. Augustineendo will make sure that your tile floors are installed to the highest standards, using quality ceramics and water-and-heat-resistant adhesives so that your tiles don’t come off due to moisture and heat.

Augustineendo is an Auckland-based company that provides professional tiling solutions throughout the metropolitan and surrounding suburbs. Our happy clients are mainly homeowners and shopowners who want nothing but the best.

If you have a requirement that you want to discuss, feel free to reach us via phone or leave a message to get a detailed price quote.