Your home reflects your taste and lifestyle. Allow our painters to paint your home in colours that define you.

For interior and exterior painting requirements in New Zealand, give Augustineendo a phone call to book an appointment. We have a team of professional painters that can handle projects of all shapes and sizes. We are in the business of ensuring customer-satisfaction through painting services, and we know all the tricks in the book to give you the results you want to see.

We use industry’s best products and techniques to achieve the desired finish for your walls. We follow the step-by-step approach, which starts with preparing the surface and culminates with your home looking beautiful and new. Depending on the surface, we apply recommended number of coats for great results.

Our price point is one of the pull-factors to our services. For all your painting needs, we source cost-effective products, which are proudly manufactured in New Zealand, to keep the cost down.

Safety and quality go hand in hand with Augustineendo
We have licensed painters on board as well as a full suite of modern equipment to make sure the job is done safely, timely and cost-effectively. We can mix and match different colours to create the desired effect on your walls and ceilings. If you have a certain picture in mind of how your newly painted home should look, let us know your requirements to have it translated into reality.