About Us

Augustineendo has a dedicated team of painters, plasterers and tiling experts who possess New Zealand certificate in construction trade skills. From preparing the surfaces to applying the final coat and doing patchwork, our team will get the job done to the highest quality standards.

Based out of Auckland, Augustineendo services the whole metropolitan region and its surrounding suburbs, guaranteeing great service and the best price. We maintain the highest quality standards in our service because the quality is the key to maximum customer satisfaction and that's what matters the most to us.

Augustineendo is a local painting company that was established in 2017 by a home improvement expert who is fully trained, licensed and experienced in providing all types of painting, plastering and tiling services for Auckland homes and storefronts.

If you want to sell your property, our services can give an instant facelift to the interiors and exteriors so you can easily get the price your property deserves.

No matter your purpose or budget, our services are the right fit for you. Give us a call anytime to discuss your requirements and get a free price quote.